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Little Things

Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: AibaJun
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Love is the Little Things.
Author's Notes: Another late present, this is for trivialaffair ! I'm pretty sure I've shown you the unfinished unedited version of this but this is better, trust me XD Thanks to my beta-fishies arutaki_squee and espreite

It’s the little things that make such an odd pairing work. They don’t make sense as a couple: Jun is neat to the point of being anal and Aiba is like an over grown puppy; Jun is cool – almost aloof – and Aiba can’t stand being alone, craving almost constant attention. Even their interests vary widely; Jun has more of an Oscar Wilde aesthetic and Aiba is more comparable to a poem by Lewis Carroll or a book by Dr. Seuss.

In a sensible world, they wouldn’t be able to live together – but they seem to fall together in spite of this. Aiba’s exuberant warmth replaces the silence that would otherwise fill Jun’s apartment. The careful way Jun lives and loves protect Aiba and his childish spirit.

That’s still too vague – too broad – it’s the really tiny little things that keep them together. There are all sorts of things you never know about a person until you live with them – even if it’s someone you see everyday. More often than not, these habits are annoying or, at the very least, eye-opening. But those habits are nothing, nothing at all, compared to the things that only make you love them more.

The first thing Jun notices is how much Aiba loves to have fingers threading through his hair. At first he thought it was just a kink, when Aiba reacted so agreeably to Jun pulling at the locks of gold (or orange or brown or black). Jun comes to find that it had nothing to do with the pulling or the passion. Gentle or rough, Aiba finds a sort of serenity with fingertips on his scalp or knuckles brushing through the silky strands. It becomes a sort of lullaby at night, and a wake up call in the morning – in the rare cases where Jun is awake before Aiba.

Aiba is not so chaste in his observations. It started with a barely noticeable pattern. So much so that it really could have been a coincidence but Aiba doesn’t just let things be – he pokes and prods and experiments. First Aiba had to learn to do laundry and forced Nino to help him (“You’re 26 and you can’t do laundry?” “I know how but Jun says I shouldn’t, something about breaking the machine.” “He might be right, Aiba, that’s way too much detergent.”). When he mastered doing a basic load of sheets (“This really shouldn’t be so hard for you.” “Don’t you think it would be more interesting if bubbles came out though?”) he started his experiment. It was worth it when he saw Jun sink into the fresh sheets, breathing deeply, seemingly content to remain that way forever – that is, until he moved a little closer to Aiba who never protests to Jun’s affections.

More and more they notice these things: Jun’s tendency to hold onto Aiba when they watch movies, Aiba’s impulsive humming whenever he sets about a task, Jun nodding his head when he listens to a song he likes, Aiba giggling when he’s really happy, Jun’s possessive way of spreading his hand across Aiba’s stomach, and the little noises Aiba always seems to make that drive Jun wild.

Continually Arashi has to cover the closeness they show. Little things can have big consequences. Who knows what could have happened if Nino hadn’t directed the cameras his way when Aiba’s eyes dilated, or if Sho hadn’t ‘accidentally’ tripped when Jun got a little too close to Aiba?

But the little things are worth it. That brush of fingertips or Jun’s amused smile that still makes Aiba’s heart flutter. The first kiss is great, monumental, but love is the wake-up kiss, the welcome home kiss, the goodnight kiss, and every kiss in-between. Love is the little things.
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