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The Cult

Fandom: Fakenews
Pairings: Jon/Stephen
Rating: R, for language and h/c
Summary: Jon's cult followers turn on him, and Stephen tries to pick up the pieces.
Authors Note: This follows the story "The Cult" from Naked Pictures with Famous People, in which Jon Stewart fails miserably at being a cult leader. Thank you to my betafish, resolute_reader!

The first thing that Jon hears is someone calling his name.Collapse )

Snapshots #1

I've noticed recently that the word drabble is applied to any fic that's less than four paragraphs long. Okay, a friend pointed it out to me ><" Anyways, even though I know it means 100 words I use drabble liberally myself. In the interest of being precise, and because I am really that bored, I've decided to call them snapshots. Um, I realize this is weird but I just wanted to explain what snapshot meant XD
Edit: It's basically a fic in one scene. Yeah, that would have been an easier explanation, but why would I do that? XD

KoyaJun - GCollapse )

Toma x Nino - PG-13Collapse )

Sakumoto - PG-13Collapse )

AibaJun - PG-13Collapse )

Matsumiya - light R?Collapse )

Achilles’ Heel

Fandom: House
Rating: PG
Genre: Uhhhh, doesn't have one?
Summary: We all have a weak spot.
Authors Note: Each of the body paragraphs is a different character: I wrote one for the main six from the first three seasons. I have the order in white at the end of the fic so just drag over it to see if your guesses are right.  I wrote this a while ago so be warned XD

EnjoyCollapse )


Fandom: Arashi, JE
Pairings: TomAiba
Rating: PG-13 for alcohol references
Genre: Fluff, with a little angst
Summary: Aiba feels homesick
Authors Note: I wrote this for tomarashi because I love the idea <3 Um, I'm not good at writing Toma though, so this is short and they're both drunk >.< Thanks for the beta espreite !

Enjoy~Collapse )

My Immortal

Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: One-sided Matsumiya
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Angst, the ending is not too sad though
Summary: On Matsujun's wife's one year death anniversary, Nino tells his story.
Authors Note: Right so I watched this fanvid on youtube and suddenly found I couldn't stop writing. This is for the creator of the video, I hope you don't mind that I wrote this . . . Enjoy my weirdness? (The italicized words are from the song My Immortal by Evanescence)

EnjoyCollapse )

Symbols Upon Symbols

Fandom: Invisible Cities
Pairings: Kublai Khan/Marco Polo
Rating: R
Summary: Marco Polo tells the stories of cities, and Kublai listens.
Authors Note: Uh, this was originally supposed to be more smutty. Oh well. Blame the ridiculous prose style on Italo Calvino.


Marco Polo, the Great Khan thinks, is an enigma.Collapse )

This Abnormally Roomy Desk Is Stephen's

Fandom: Fakenews
Pairings: Jack Harkness/"Stephen", "Stephen"/desk
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack Harkness lost something important, and Stephen's desk is definitely not made of Lucite.
Authors Note: Another take on the TARDIS-like properties of Stephen's desk. This is a happiness remedy for the Torchwood finale, but contains no spoilers. Somewhat cracky.  Also, I wrote this in about two and a half hours, so please forgive and point out any errors. Sorry about the silly title acronym.


There is no way that's Lucite.Collapse )