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Fandom: Arashi
Pairings: Juntoshi
Rating: PG-13 possibly a little higher
Genre: Fluffish, Romance? . . . Hormones
Summary: Jun pays Ohno a visit on a hot summer evening ;)
Authors Note: I was planning on adding to this but I'm posting this this is for Jun's birthday instead.
P.S. I'm really very flattered about this tetsu_tsu  has translated this into Russian here~

The hot, sticky day is turning into a humid, breezy night. The sun is sinking slowly, pulling the golden-orange color of the sky with it. Ohno watches as the line of color gets gradually closer to the horizon, wondering if there was a way to freeze this warm feeling to keep forever. A knock at the door and some people talking force him out of his reverie. A few minutes later Jun is laying next to him on the blanket Ohno had spread out, after straightening it out a bit.

“I don’t see why you don’t have us over more, your mom seemed happy to have a guest.” Ohno turns to look at Jun. The orange sky casting a glow on Jun’s face and tracing over his tanned skin. It takes Ohno a moment to remember they’re laying in his backyard, only a few meters away from his house; Jun isn’t wearing make-up, there isn’t a professional adjusting the light, it’s just him basking in the setting sun.

“People just like you.” He finally offers as an answer and garners a smile out of Jun, making the skin wrinkle at his eyes with the orange hues outlining the edges. The cicadas talk around them as they mumble back and forth in low, lazy voices.

“I wish I had my camera, it doesn’t pick up the warmth but,” he pauses for a shallow breath, chest rising and falling slowly, “It’s just so picturesque.” His quiet words reflect the calm feeling settling all around them.

“It’s better to just enjoy it, the best pictures will never be taken and the finest paintings never leave our heads.” A hum tells Jun’s agreement, Ohno watches his smile as he takes in the scene, soon Jun turns his head too and their noses are barely inches apart. He laughs and the skin of his lips tighten as the grin spreads across his face.

Ohno isn’t sure how it happens but Jun’s hovering over him now and their noses touch briefly before their lips. The air between them is superheated and both become flush as the kiss becomes deeper, and Ohno kisses back. Breaking apart, Jun licks the other man’s bottom lip. Leaving a trail of kisses, Jun’s slightly dry lips make it down to the salty, sticky skin on Ohno’s now red neck. Jun trails his tongue across the collarbone that’s barely showing above the neckline of Ohno’s shirt.

A noise makes them both jump and Jun lays back down, slightly farther away this time. Ohno’s mother comes out of the house with two lemonades.

“You two must be steaming out here, I brought you something to drink.” Smiling as if nothing had happened, Jun stands up gracefully and makes his way over to the porch.

“Thank you so much, I’m sorry about intruding like this.” He takes the drinks with a slight bow of his head and hands one to Ohno who had followed him to the deck. Ohno’s head, which is already quite confused, is mixed up even more as his mother shakes her head.

“I should be thanking you for the wonderful gift you brought, we’ll be sure to enjoy it. Besides, Satoshi doesn’t have friends over nearly enough.” Jun chuckles.

“It was really nothing.” The two smile and Ohno calls a quick thank you after his mother. Ohno finds himself unable to feel alarmed; Jun had just kissed him and is being all chummy with his mother, but the heat just wouldn’t let him think about it properly. Still puzzled, he downs the lemonade as Jun does the same.

“It tastes so good.” Ohno says, almost like he’s surprised, Jun smirks slightly as he leans in to steal another kiss.

“Mmm, it does.” The blue has taken over most the sky and the light has become dim, it’s causing a blue sheen to dance across Jun’s face. Ohno wants to bring the red back; he wants to keep the heat that’s vanishing into the breeze. Jun shoots a glance down at his watch and groans in the back of his throat. “I should go; I need to be up early.”

Grabbing the glasses he goes back into the house, Ohno following him again. Putting on a normal smile, Jun informs Ohno’s family that he needs to leave. Ohno watches his mother relieve Jun of the glasses and tell him to come again.

“Satoshi, see your friend out.” This time Jun follows, as he says goodbye to the Ohno family. Outside, and out of sight, they linger as long as they can. This time Ohno kisses Jun, standing so close that the air becomes hot and sticky again, as the flush returns to their skin. It takes a lot of effort on Jun’s part but he leaves.

Ohno wonders what just happened.
Tags: author: resolute_reader, f: arashi, p: juntoshi
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