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prelute's Journal

The Fanfiction Community of Kesa and Kai
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Hello! Welcome to The Fanfiction Community of Kesa and Kai! We're just two girls who enjoy books, languages, and (of course) writing.

Kesa is resolute_reader, she fangirls Japanese and Korean idols, well, a lot. More recently she has been dragged into other fandoms by Kai (among them are Doctor Who, fake news) which she hopes to write for soon. She's fairly prolific, in the sense that if she doesn't have something to write she'll go crazy. You probably don't want to see her when she goes crazy. So prompt her with fic ideas even if she has two essays and loads of work to do; she secretly enjoys a little chaos.

Kai is espreite, and has waaaay too many fandoms to pay attention to all at once, including fakenews/punditry, Doctor Who, Tamora Pierce, Sherlock Holmes, Series of Unfortunate Events, CLAMP, and more. She is kind of the opposite of Kesa, in that she usually has more ideas than actual output of fic, so keep pressuring her to actually write stuff and eventually she will get it done (provided her stupid computer doesn't crash.)

Please enjoy our fics! You can find a comprehensive list here.

Our graphics community is corlindo

Thank you jojibear for our name!

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